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Actors Reading at CNPF

The Colorado New Play Festival, like theatre itself, is about people gathering together as a community to tell and share stories.  For 22 years we have brought people to Steamboat Springs, often as strangers, and have had them leave as friends.  We are about community: our community of Steamboat Springs and our community of artists.  Today however, we find our world turned topsy-turvy.  We are being asked to socially distance from one another, the exact opposite of what theatre and we are about.  We are being asked, now more than ever, to place the long-term common good of society over our immediate needs and wants.  In a more ordinary world, the essence of what we do is bring people together, but these are not ordinary times. And so it is with incredible sadness that today we are announcing the postponement of this year’s Colorado New Play Festival until June of 2021.  One of our greatest responsibilities is the safety of our artists and our community.  We believe this trust and commitment is an underlying value of who we are, and do not feel that we can responsibly fulfill that commitment during these difficult and perilous times. 

While we will not be gathering in person to celebrate all that is so wonderful about playwrights and what they do, we are in the process of developing other ways we might celebrate those who would have otherwise been coming to join us.  As we get these plans in place we will be sure to share them with you and hope that you will be able to join us and revel in their work and honor their contributions.

We regret not being able to once again be together in our beautiful mountain town, but know that better times will return and when we are able to re-connect in person our community will be stronger.  In the meantime, our sincerest wishes that you and all your loved ones are safe and most importantly we wish you the greatest gift of all, good health. 


Jim Steinberg                 Lori Steinberg             Andrew Leynse

Executive Producer      Executive Producer    Artistic Director

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