Companies, Casts & Readings


2020 theatre companies will be announced in winter 2019-2020

The Companies

City Theatre Company – Pittsburgh

Fresh. Bold. Provocative. New plays on two intimate stages. Located in the heart of Pittsburgh's South Side.

    Curious Theatre – Denver

    Curious has cultivated a local and national reputation as a destination for artists and playwrights to foster and develop new work, and as a place where audiences are challenged.

      The Public Theater – New York

      The Public Theater is theater of, by, and for all people. Artist-driven, radically inclusive, and fundamentally democratic.

        South Coast Repertory

        South Coast Repertory was founded in the belief that theatre is an art form with a unique power to illuminate the human experience.

          Steppenwolf Theatre – Chicago

          Committed to the principle of ensemble performance through the collaboration of actors, directors, playwrights and designers.

            Readings & Casts

            City Theatre Company


            Music, Lyrics and Concept: Jill Sobule

            Book: Liza Birkenmeier

            Director: Lisa Peterson

            Dramaturg: Clare Drobot

            Featuring: Janna Graham, Sarah Siplak, and Jill Sobule

            “Is this weird?  This is weird, isn’t it.”

            Award-winning singer-songwriter Jill Sobule—whose 1990s hits include “Supermodel” and the original “I Kissed a Girl”—takes audiences on a Rock ’n ’Roll odyssey through her life starting with the trauma that is middle school. A raucous celebration of coming of age and coming out, this one of a kind musical event celebrates the power of owning one’s voice at any and every age.

            Curious Theatre Company


            Playwright: Andrew Rosendorf

            Director: Chip Walton

            Featuring Marialuisa Burgos, Satya Jnani Chavez, Sam Gregory, and GerRee Hinshaw

            Refuge follows a young Honduran girl on her difficult journey from Central America through Mexico and into South Texas, a Rancher who finds her passed out on his land, and a female Latina border patrol agent who is trying to discover what is lost in the desert. And also, the animals who are just trying to survive – as everything is illegal in the desert. Through a cross-cultural exploration involving puppetry, original music, and bilingual storytelling, the fabric and landscape of South Texas are theatrically brought to life in this intimate and visual story. Refuge is an investigation of America – who we are and who we say we are. And an examination of the desert and the bodies that line the way to freedom, as the desert doesn’t discriminate between young or old, human or animal, citizen or undocumented.

            The Public Theater

            Daughters of the Hill

            Composers: Martha Redbone & Aaron Witby

            Author: Naomi Iizuka

            Director: Les Waters

            Dramaturg: Jeanie O’Hare

            Featuring Carla Duren, Cassondra James, Soni Moreno, and Nathalie Standingcloud

            Set in the mountains of Harlan County, Kentucky, Daughter of the Hills tells the story of a multiracial Cherokee/Shawnee and African-American family as they confront the destruction in their community set in motion by a multinational coal-mining conglomerate. In this contemporary Appalachia opera-meets-blues musical, a family whose ancestors survived the Trail of Tears and the Middle Passage grapple with the threat of an impending ecological catastrophe.

            South Coast Repertory

            I Get Restless

            Playwright: Caroline V. McGraw

            Director: Kate Sullivan

            Featuring Clea Alsip, Brett Dalton, Ava Eisenson, Cesar J. Rosado, and Brendan Titley

            Hazel just landed a job at a top law firm, bought a condo and married Mitch, who adores her. Then an accident on her honeymoon leaves her unable to remember anything about the past six years. Adrift in unanswered questions, Hazel must find who she is without knowing who she was. And what about a husband who’s now a stranger? An eerily captivating drama about the mysteries of second chances by an up-and-coming new playwright.

            Steppenwolf Theatre

            Untitled Play

            Playwright: Branden Jacobs-Jenkins

            Dramaturg: Polly Hubbard

            Featuring Donté Bonner, Sydney Charles, Celeste M. Cooper, Glenn Davis, K. Todd Freeman, and Tania Richard

            A new family drama about the crumbling of a black political dynasty.