New Golden Age

by Karen Hartman 



Lisa Hori-Garcia 

 Anastasia  Davidson

 Vincent Van der Velde

David Madrick

In the New Normal, two sisters face a big tech dystopia. Sunlight, founded by a boy genius, has expanded during the Pause, bringing every corner of our lives in Light. Now folk-hero Professor Lin defends the Right to the Dark, while her sister Polly attempts a perilous inside maneuver with a new gig inLight. Will we ever meet unobserved again? Supported by a Guggenheim Fellowship.

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#Here Too

Jimmy Maize


Toni Kwadzogah

 Reagan Tankersley

Herb Benjamin

Madeline Scrace

Austin Burrowes

Matthew Laws

Sarah Danielle Harmon

#HereToo amplifies youth activism in response to America’s gun violence epidemic. Weaving events of the nationally celebrated March For Our Lives movement together with regional stories of survivorship and engagement from young people all around the United States, #HereToo explores new theatrical forms for interview-based plays.


The Black Mann Act The Trial of Jack Johnson Vaudeville Show 

by Gamal Chasten | directed by Monteze Freeland


Gamal Chasten

Sheryl McCallum

Brian Landis Folkins

Karen Slack


The Black Mann Act The Trial Of Jack Jonson is a vaudeville show that places the life of Jack Johnson on trial, as was done during the turn of the twentieth century. Jack Johnson was the first African American Heavyweight Champion during the turn of the twentieth century. His career was cut short, and his title stripped while being falsely accused of violating the Mann Act (The White Slavery Act).  The real crime was a black man openly dating white women. The play takes place in two worlds that intersect with each other.  The first world is that of a Vaudeville stage, and the second would be a turn of the century courthouse.


The Pool

by Max Posner | directed by Ken Rus Schmoll



Dee Covington

GeRee Hinshaw

Rhianna DeVries

Karen Slack

Brian Landis Folkins

She's managing an illness. There is no cure. Her symptoms are random, rampant, invisible. She'll try anything. Nothing works. Everything helps. Nobody in the house understands it. If only she had a pool. Her life transforms as she enters a vast electronic world drowning her in support.